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Benefits of Feed Additives, Animal Feed Additives Supplier, Cattle Feed Additives

13 / Jun 19

Benefits of Feed Additives, Animal Feed Additives Supplier, Cattle Feed Additives

Medicated: Some additives may contain antibiotics or other drugs that help livestock farmers to reduce the chances of their livestock becoming diseased, sick, and infected. It can also aid in growth and weight gain.

Minerals: Minerals play a pivotal role in the health of livestock and can improve weaning and conception rates, immune system response, and overall health. All of these benefits add up to a more valuable livestock investment.

Protein: Protein additives are especially popular in the cattle and beef industry. Blocks, tubs, and liquid forms of protein are all available to livestock farmers. It’s not always necessary to add protein to a livestock diet, so it’s a good idea to test and measure levels of protein intake before making a decision.

Pest Control: Pests are an ever-present nuisance for livestock farmers. They’re hardy, they breed quickly, and they spread throughout feed within days. Some additives can help to stop the lifecycle of certain pests by eliminating favourable breeding conditions.

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